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There are only 24 hours in a day. Until something drastic happens that’s not likely to change. Yet each day it seems as if there is one more strategy, one more initiative, to implement that only adds to your workload instead of decreasing it. ‘Work life balance’ is a mantra often chanted when stress rears its ugly head. Stress WILL get you if you don’t protect yourself. With every good intention, departments and teachers can be thrust into expanding their workload (especially with the keyword ‘OFSTED’). Here’s where you get a chance to change that..

PC Skills

Yes, PC Skills. Improving this will give your department the efficiency factor. Fundamentally coursework can be controlled and shrunk to its core without losing quality with good PC skills. Taking over a department in whatever condition and organising it can be done fast. Pupils can get instantaneous feedback plus you learn how you longer need to bring marking home. Pupils (and staff) motivation will be increased if your staff has good PC Skills. It’s a game changer. Get on board. Improve your PC Skills.

Course Management

YOUR reality: You are responsible for at least 300 students progress on an almost daily basis. Each student’s data needs to be meticulously recorded and often you're expected to show any one of those students progress at the drop of a hat. Your desk is overflowing with paperwork for marking and lesson plans awaiting creation. There are feedback forms to fill in: Green pen, red pen, pupil voice, lesson plans to write, resources to check and worksheets to make, parents need to be called and you didn’t get a break due to break duty! You won’t get home before 6pm and the caretaker often has to throw you out! What do you do? Here’s where you find out..

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